Carpet Deodorizing Material

The carpet in your house smells of mold, pets that are open to pooping or other smells? Don’t worry because this is something that many people experience. Carpets in your home won’t be clean forever, so you’ll definitely have to clean them sometime. While there are commercial carpet cleaning products that are effective at removing carpet stains and odors, you can still do this only by using inexpensive household products or call our site.

White Vinegar
The carpet in your house smells of mildew? To get rid of it you can take advantage of white vinegar. The high acid content in white vinegar is believed to kill the bacteria that cause carpet odor. Even if your pet pees on the carpet, white vinegar can also be relied on well for deodorizing urine.

Tea Tree Oil
Apart from being useful for treating minor health and skin problems, Tree Tea Oil is also popular for its benefits as a cleansing agent. This product can also be used to make a natural freshener that you can spray onto carpets so that any lingering odors can be removed.

Dish soap
If, for example, your pet poops on the carpet, you can use a mixture of dish soap, white vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, and baking soda to remove stains and odors from the carpet. Here are the steps for removing pet urine odors and stains from carpets.

The acid in lemons is also a pretty powerful weapon for removing carpet odors. To use it as a carpet cleaner, you just need to mix fresh lemon juice with a little warm water in a spray bottle or container. Then provide a clean dry towel or cloth. Next, spray or apply the solution to the smelly carpet area. After that, rub the carpet area with a dry cloth or towel, then rinse with soapy water. When it’s finished, let it dry and then after that, you can use a vacuum cleaner to remove some of the dirt that sticks.
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