Never Leave Drinking Water Bottles In The Car, This Is Due To The Fatal

Never leave a plastic water bottle in the car, because it can be fatal. Bring a custom Nalgenes bottle for your drinking container. The danger of drinking water in plastic bottles can cause your vehicle to catch fire. According to an article, 90 percent of all-natural disasters are water-related. Not only storms, floods, tsunamis, and drought are a threat, even a small bottle of drinking water can also pose a danger. Bottles of drinking water left in the car can actually cause a fire or cause small or large damage to the vehicle. How can?

Do you remember trying to burn a piece of paper using a magnifying glass in direct sunlight? Such a process happens if you leave a drink bottle in a vehicle, it can burn the media which is famous for the reflection of sunlight after crossing the water in a plastic bottle.

The way it works like this, when sunlight penetrates plastic and liquid, it has the same effect as a magnifying glass. It can trigger heat which then causes a fire or leave a burn mark.

In trials conducted by the Midwest City Fire Department, sunlight penetrating water bottles can reach temperatures of 250 degrees Celsius. Pretty hot right?

For that, try not to leave a bottle of water in your car. The inside of the vehicle can be safe from damage due to hot roasting, also avoiding the danger of burning as a whole.

The average adult often forgets due to too many tasks or activities carried out every day. Modern lifestyles increased stress, and stress is the mastermind of the ever-increasing level of forgetfulness. So that you do not return from the activity and find your private car on fire, try to do the following tips.
If you are one of those people who can’t live without a bottle of water on a hot day, set a reminder on your cellphone and bring a bottle of water with you whenever you go. Including when out of the vehicle. It takes more effort to create a reminder, but at least your vehicle is safe from the danger of fire with these steps.

If you are lazy to bring a bottle out of a vehicle because it feels heavy, be sure not to leave it in a place where sunlight cannot reach it (for example luggage).