Learn to Do Your Own Leg Reflection at Home

Not only does it relieve aches, but foot reflection also has various benefits for the body. By doing it yourself at home, you can enjoy the benefits at any time, without having to go to a place that provides foot reflection services. Foot reflection is an alternative treatment method to support body fitness by massaging certain points on the foot area. Therapists believe certain points of the foot represent the condition of your organs and limbs. You can use the best foot massager by gold coast massage.

Although it cannot yet be explained by scientific facts, according to ancient Chinese medicine, foot reflection is believed to have a certain effect on health by utilizing improvements in the flow of energy in the body called chi. Here are some simple foot reflection techniques that you can do yourself at home:

– Relieve aches in the legs
When a day of activity wearing high heels or walking away, your feet will definitely feel sore. To reduce this, you can start foot reflection from the left leg. Massage all parts of your leg, from the heel to the thumb using the thumb of your right hand. Then switch to the toes. Massage each toe using the thumb and index finger, in a circular motion. After that, hold all your toes in one hand, then bend toward the soles of the feet and back of the foot alternately to make it flexible and relaxed. In the last step, press the entire surface of your feet, then shake. End by turning the ankle several times. Repeat the movement above on your right foot.

– Reduce pain due to premenstrual syndrome (PMS)
Not only does it relieve aches in the legs, but foot reflexology can also be done to deal with PMS pain. How, press one of the curves of your feet, precisely on the edge of the foot surface. Then, press the middle of the big toe using your other hand. This massage is believed to relax the ovaries, uterus, and hypothalamus gland in the brain.

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