Understanding Baitcasting and Spinning Reel

There are many fishing reels available in the market and how do you decide which style is right for you? This is especially true if you are new to fishing and looking for your first reel. Two of the most popular reel styles are baitcasting (also known as “BC”) and spinning. Although the choice depends on your personal preference for reel style, there are advantages to both and one is likely to suit your fishing style more than the other. Knowing more about the benefits of BC and Spinning reels will help you determine which route decision to take when purchasing. There are also many features shared between baitcasting and spinning and knowing what specs you need will help you during your decision in choosing the best saltwater baitcasting reels .

BAITCASTING Displays a spool with a “trigger” button that must be clicked in order to release onto the spool, allowing it to rotate when cast. Many people switch BC reels because they look more challenging than spinning reels. Especially beginners or anglers who have tried feedback from others and found it more difficult to work with than their spinning reel. Although more challenging to learn to use, the spinning reel is the best choice for anglers who are chasing heavy hitters and when heavy bait (usually considered ½ ounce or so) is in use. Additionally, BC is your best choice for trolling and for turning your jig into tight spots. Combined with the casting rod, BC can still handle heavy fish.

SPINNING The spinning reel has a vertical spool. the fishing line passes over the top of the reel as it is thrown, and to untie the reel you must first reverse the collateral on the reel. While it is much more difficult to find the desired precision than a BC, the spinning reel is an excellent reel for lighter fishing and for beginners. You won’t find it difficult to cast, for example. The big advantage of reel spinning is that it has advantages when it comes to ultralight fishing applications, as well as advanced techniques such as jigging. Unless you plan on fishing for big, heavy fish, or have a need for precision when casting, the spinning reel won’t let you down and there are plenty of models available that you’re sure to find one you like.