Types of Coffee Makers

For Coffee lovers, there is nothing more delicious than starting the day with a cup of coffee! You can easily go through this morning ritual if you have your own coffee maker at home. That way, you can enjoy cafe-style coffee whenever you want. Coffee makers have various types and brands. First of all, we will provide tips on how to choose a coffee maker. Make sure to always research the product you are going to buy so you don’t get disappointed in the future.

Apart from the drip model, there are many other types of coffee machines that are worth considering. For starters, let’s look at the advantages of each type so you can find the best product!

Drip type: Simple and efficient
The coffee maker most familiar among baristas is the drip type. To extract coffee, you simply put the coffee grounds in the filter provided, then pour hot water over them. If you want to enjoy coffee easily, feel free to use coffee grounds. After the brewing process, these coffee juice drops will be accommodated on the server. Drip type servers are made of two types of materials, namely glass and stainless steel which have different heat resistance. For those of you who are accustomed to drinking coffee after brewing, choose the type of glass. It’s a different story if you want to enjoy coffee slowly, choose stainless steel which has high heat resistance. One more thing, you also have to check the dripper. The one-hole drip type is effective for slowly extracting the coffee for a richer taste. On the other hand, the drip type with many holes will save more time and produce fresher coffee. If you plan to use your own dripper, make sure it is the correct size for the coffee maker.

Coffee pod type: Easy to use and clean
The coffee pod type is superior in terms of ease of coffee extraction. You simply put the pods or coffee capsules in it. Compared to other types, this coffee pod is also easier to clean. The main attraction of coffee pods is the practical way they are used. You also don’t need to worry if the wrong size or coffee grounds scatter. The reason is, this coffee has been measured in a certain amount and packaged in a small bag.

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